4 Steps to Clear and Elegant Communications

Having clear communications for your business or organization has never been more critical.

You’ve all heard about how we’re inundated today with too much “noise.” We’re bombarded with messages constantly from traditional and electronic media, and from more choices than ever before.

That’s why in order for your organization or business to stand out and be noticed, you must be clear about what you want your customers to know and do.

Here’s four steps you need to consider:

1. Use simple and declarative sentences. Just tell me what you want me to do. Be brief. Rambling not allowed.

2. Be clever so that you catch my attention. You don’t need to be outrageous, but grab my eyeballs and ears in a way I’m not expecting. But, here’s the catch — be original. Cliches and old ideas not allowed.

3. Keep it sweet and short. You have but a few nano-seconds to make a good first impression. Your customers are smart. They know what they like and want immediately. And, they know if you can be trusted. Incongruity not allowed.

4. Be elegant. Even if you run a greasy manufacturing plant. Be sincere and graceful in telling customers why they should choose you over Brand R (you expected me to say Brand X, right?). Words and ideas and actions that are simple, neat and effective will always be elegant. Lowering the bar of expectations not allowed.

Employ this strategy throughout all your communications and you’ll soon stand out from the maddening, same-old crowd and you’ll be heard and remembered above the babel.

5. Bonus tip: This work is not easy. This is truly hard work. Not sweating, ditch-digging hard, or nerve wracking like brain surgery work, but it requires some thought. And, then, again, it’s the thinking organization that stands out and knows how to connect with its customers.

Go for it. Be Clear. Be Elegant.

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